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When you purchase our product, you get the privilege to enjoy these exclusive services:

- Boiler Operator Training
PT. Super Andalas Steel gladly provides training for new boiler operator(s). This program will educate new boiler operator(s) on the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) including starting up and shut down the boiler, caution during operation, maintenance, and emergency procedures.

- In House Training
This training session is an exclusive training which involves in class presentation, field presentation, and discussion for your staffs to be familiar with TAKUMA boiler. This training is presented by our experienced personal(s) and it will last for two (2) to three (3) days.

- After Sales Service
As an expert in our products, PT. Super Andalas Steel are always delighted to assist you in checking your boilers, blowers, or sterilizer doors. We provide periodic visits to your facilities to check on your boilers' condition.

PT. Super Andalas Steel also offer these services upon requests:

- On Call Service
When you need an immediate technical support in the event of arising problem, you can count on us. Our team of technicians are ready to assist you immediately. It is as easy as giving us a call.

- Service Contract
Having a Service Contract with PT. Super Andalas Steel is a very good idea. This service will allow you to have a priority pass to get your boilers, blowers, or sterilizer doors extra technical support.

- Spare Parts Supply
PT. Super Andalas Steel have good inventory system in our workshop to ensure you get the spare parts you need whether it is Boiler, Blower, or Sterilizer Door parts. You can rest assure for you are in a good hand.